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You can be a money owner.


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Financial Coaching

Need more than a little budgeting? I want you to be a money owner! Let me help you!


Money can be easy

Your thoughts around money are what make it hard.

Let’s change those thoughts and get results.


Simple, Not Easy

I worked deep in the weeds of finance over the last decade. I traded derivatives for a couple of years. I analyzed portfolio metrics and companies for a few more years. I worked for the past six years with families to give purpose and vision to their money.

The lesson: personal finance does not have to be complicated. The best plans are simple. Simple does not mean it is easy. It’s more difficult and here is why:

We spend much of our lives looking for solutions to our problems. We think, “it can’t be that simple, for if it were, I would be doing that, and I would be successful!” We’re too smart for our own good. We want there to be complicated solutions. The simple ones force us to look inward and address what is happening on the inside.

I will help you arrive at that simple, elegant solution. You will learn to address your thoughts and feelings around personal finance. You will be more intentional with your money. You will make this a habit and a lifestyle, rather than a quick fix.I will support you in your goals and values.

You will be proud and confident.


The best time to start is now

Life generally doesn’t get simpler or easier. Before you know it, another year or decade has passed and you’re right where you are now, or worse! Find the time to invest in yourself now. Think about your future-self, the one with their financial life together. You can be that you!


Be One

Money Owner (noun) – a person saving or finished saving for a joy-producing goal.

You are fantastic at what you do. You’re crazy successful, but your finances are holding you back. You want to leave the corporate world and start a new endeavor (or maybe you’ve already left and you need some financial help). You have amazing ideas. You think about what it would be like to have lots of money in the bank. It seems like a pipe dream, you’re not sure how you’ll get there. Money flies out the door and you can’t fathom how. You’re working like crazy. You’re too tired to cook and often order in. Life is feeling mechanical. You need a pause button to evaluate where you are and where you want to go.

You want to be a Money Owner and I want you to be a Money Owner. Together, let’s make it happen.

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How does it work?

You schedule a complimentary 30 minute mini-session with me to get the following:

  • Personal financial coaching on a REAL concern you are facing

  • A fresh perspective, with new solutions

  • A personal mini-plan that you can put into action – immediately

  • We discuss group coaching

In the Money Owners Group Coaching program, we do all our coaching online to fit into your busy schedule. Our group meets twice per month via video conference. It combines financial literacy with live coaching to get you the help you need. You get an accountability partner. You learn everything you need to know to become a Money Owner. Bonus - you learn from your peers, too!

Schedule a mini-session to see if this is right for you.


Discipline Equals Financial Freedom

It’s not about motivation, tricks or hacks. Just discipline.


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