#13 - Income

Your long awaited episode on how to think about income is here! In this podcast we cover how our thoughts get in our way of making more money, how to evaluate how much you can make, some snippets on time management and basic negotiating. It all takes practice, but now that you’ve been listening for 6 months, you’re a pro at catching yourself thinking things you don’t want to right?

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#12 - Taxes (and Death?)

I think the number one thing we like to feel as humans is a choice. The reason why folks don’t like to pay their taxes is because they don’t feel as though they are choosing to do it. You can choose to do anything you want to do and recognize it as a choice. Even paying your taxes.

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taxesMorgen Rochard
#11 - Home Ownership

All about real estate - and by real estate, I mean home ownership! There will likely be an episode about rental properties some other time.

We de-bunk some of your "truths" about owning a home. Why we do it, what's a thought and what's a myth? Why do YOU want to own a home? Or not own a home?

I’d love to get some feedback as to why you bought your home or why you decided to rent! Feel free to start the convo with me on twitter @morgenrochard or @money_owners

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#9 - Money Scripts and Worthiness

Here’s your homework, fill in the blanks:

  1. Wealthy people got that way by _________________________

  2. Poor people are poor because __________________________

  3. One should never spend money for ______________________

  4. I could never afford to ___________________

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Morgen Rochard
#8 - M-organizing

Hey y’all - get your latest version of Marie Kondo-ing. Everyone’s doing it! You might as well do your finances too. Start with your papers! Then hit insurance, estate planning and cash flows. Know your purpose. It makes it A LOT easier to take care of things that seem hard when you know why you’re doing them.

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#7 - Managing Your Cash Flows

What does managing your cash flows actually mean? You have to do ALL of the following:

Have any kind cash reserve to start, Calculate what your monthly average expenses are, Create a budget & honor your budget, Run a lean operation, Understand when you get paid, Know exactly what your operating expenses are, Make sure your cash reserve exceeds your operating expenses, Be mindful of your personality, Track your successes and failures, Manage similarly on the personal side

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#6 - Goals vs Systems

Anyways, today's episode is goals versus systems. I'm super excited to talk to you guys about this because I think it's one of these things where some people say, oh, you should set goals and how other people are like, no, you need habits and systems and you know what? I think you need both. One is not more important than the other, and we will talk a lot today about why that is. So let's just break down what a goal is and what a system is. That way you can understand what I'm talking about and you know, this is a review for some of you either get a good review of goals versus systems or I don't know, fast forward to what you want. So a goal gives you something to strive for, right? And a goal is something that, right, we decide what it is that we want to attain in the future and then we strive for it. That's a goal.

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Morgen Rochard