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#7 - Managing Your Cash Flows

What does managing your cash flows actually mean? You have to do ALL of the following:

Have any kind cash reserve to start, Calculate what your monthly average expenses are, Create a budget & honor your budget, Run a lean operation, Understand when you get paid, Know exactly what your operating expenses are, Make sure your cash reserve exceeds your operating expenses, Be mindful of your personality, Track your successes and failures, Manage similarly on the personal side

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#5 - Q&A Session

Hello there! I'm super excited to have our first Q&A episode, so a few weeks back I had an ask on twitter and on facebook for people to send in their questions and ask us about everything that they wanted to know regarding their finances and we got tons of questions and we're super excited to launch the first Q&A today. So I have my cohost here, Mark Guastaferri, who's going to walk me through all the questions that you guys have. Mark is fantastic. And has been in finance for the last decade, so he probably knows more than me about all this stuff and I'm sure we'll have good insights on everything that you guys want to hear about. So with that Mark take it away.

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