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#8 - M-organizing

Hey y’all - get your latest version of Marie Kondo-ing. Everyone’s doing it! You might as well do your finances too. Start with your papers! Then hit insurance, estate planning and cash flows. Know your purpose. It makes it A LOT easier to take care of things that seem hard when you know why you’re doing them.

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#4 - Gratitude, Wants and Shoulds

Alright, so today is a very Thanksgiving episode. So to give you a little insight into my mind and how I work and why I keep talking about all of these things about using our brains properly to work out our finances, I thought I would tell you a little about Thanksgiving in the Rochard house. And that’s long before Pierre and I were married and we had a son. So before I can remember even, thanksgiving was at my grandparents house. And then it was at my parents house. My parents was like the party house in my family for many many years.

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