#24 - Pain and Suffering!

Pain and suffering! Get your pain and suffering here! And some peanuts.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Who is George Kinder? Check out the Kinder Institute!

  • Get Kinder’s Seven Stages of Money Maturity!

  • Our lows are much lower than our highs - and they affect us to this day (in either a good or bad way, depending on what we did about it)

  • What we do with painful emotions - and how to change it

  • Initial emotional responses to particularly painful things are usually not all of the painful emotions that we have in one situation - there is usually an emotion that masks the other more painful emotions that we don’t want to admit we have

  • What do I do with my pain? I sit with it. I allow my pain to be there. It will allow me to grow as a human

  • Learn how to feel pain and where you feel it

  • The difference between experiencing thoughts and feelings

  • You don’t need to be afraid of any emotion! It’s good to feel!

  • Stop focusing on other people’s pain and work on your own pain. You can’t control other people! Control yourself!