#21 - Politics Don't Matter

The US Federal Reserve just lowered interest rates - what does that mean for you and your finances?

Well, frankly nothing! The geo-political universe is completely beyond our control! In this podcast we discuss the famous Businessweek article “The Death of Equities”. 40 years ago, they said equities would die a brilliant death, yet here we are - stock market is still here. I guess some things live in perpetuity. Plus! I also talk about Daniel Tiger - because I’m a mom!

The meat of this episode:

Focus on what you can control:

  1. Your income!

  2. Your savings rate!

  3. Creating a plan that fits your needs and your risk tolerance

  4. Diversification ALL around - investments, tax rate, how you save, where you spend

  5. Reducing expenses and turnover on investments

  6. Minimizing taxes without taking it to a weird and neurotic place

Stop trying to pick the fastest lane on the highway - we’re all getting anxiety just thinking about it.

Awareness + pause + then change. I know you can do it!

Morgen Rochard