#18 - Why is it hard to follow advice?

Why is it so hard to follow advice, even when we want to make changes in our lives?

Generally - it’s because we don’t necessarily agree with the advice, even if it’s not something we’re admitting. Sometimes, it’s also just too hard for us to be compliant.

In this episode we reference Dr Moira Somer’s book: “Advice that Sticks”

Your relationship with money, the advice itself, your circumstances, EQ/IQ and personality, the person giving you the advice and your social surroundings all play into whether or not you can make changes based on someone’s recommendation.

My work here has always been intended to be practical, something you can do on your own and something that will help you be a Money Owner.

Send us a note and tell us about a time it was hard for you to stick to advice you were given! We’d love to know about it!