#13 - Income

Your long awaited episode on how to think about income is here! In this podcast we cover how our thoughts get in our way of making more money, how to evaluate how much you can make, some snippets on time management and basic negotiating. It all takes practice, but now that you’ve been listening for 6 months, you’re a pro at catching yourself thinking things you don’t want to right?

Listen here, homework below!


  1. How much income do you think you can make? Why do you think that?

  2. What thoughts are you having that get in the way of you believing you can make more income?

  3. What would you do if you had more income? Are these things you can be doing right now? How can you make that happen right now?

  4. Are you managing your time well? Where does your time go?

  5. Log what you’ve been doing the last 24 hours. Don’t forget to include things like driving, talking on the phone, sending text messages and spending time on social media of choice.