#21 - Politics Don't Matter

The US Federal Reserve just lowered interest rates - what does that mean for you and your finances?

Well, frankly nothing! The geo-political universe is completely beyond our control! In this podcast we discuss the famous Businessweek article “The Death of Equities”. 40 years ago, they said equities would die a brilliant death, yet here we are - stock market is still here. I guess some things live in perpetuity. Plus! I also talk about Daniel Tiger - because I’m a mom!

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Morgen Rochard
#19 - Spend on the People You Love

My childhood best friend’s mother passed away recently. It really makes you think about what is important in this lifetime. I hope you can find that, too. Spend on the people you love. Not just money, but your time, your energy, your presence. Decide who you want to be in this lifetime and go out and be that person!

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